Working methods



Tell us your packaging requirements, and together we can decide which materials and functional design factors provide the best fit and image for your application. New or recycled materials, glossy or mat, transparent or opaque: we help you make the decisions that matter.

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We translate your packaging requirements into production-ready designs. The plain models we supply are a crucial link in this process and enable you to conduct extensive tests. After all, packaging influences not only consumer purchasing but also factors such as post-purchase consumption. For this reason it is essential to consider not only concept but also the look and feel of packaging in order to determine the ideal design.


From pre-press to printing

Once you have approved your design, we ensure that all steps in the production process proceed efficiently. We use a CTP technique for fully digital production on offset plates, with two ultramodern presses that can print two to six colours and lacquers in each print run, with inline cameras in place to monitor colour and print quality. Inks and lacquers are food safe.

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Finishing is a major factor in giving your packaging the look you want. Choose from a full range of finishes including Kalander varnish, blister ink, spot ink, windows, gold foil, punching, folding and glue (1 to 6 point gluing). Because a perfectly finished product is a beautiful product.

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Packaging is delivered packed flat on pallets or in boxes. Our 5,000m² storage facility enables us to store products and deliver on demand using our own fleet of trucks to ensure quick, prompt delivery.